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Legal expense / ATE

What if you lose your claim? We will not make any charge to you* but the other side may be entitled to recover their costs. There are several options available to you in order to protect yourself against this risk:

BTE – Before the Event Cover, also known as LEI – Legal expense Insurance

Many people have what is known as BTE or LEI cover, sometimes without even knowing it.

This is an insurance policy taken out to cover your legal costs should you bring a civil claim such as one for personal injury.

It is often added on to another policy or product (such as car or home insurance; or a credit card) either as a paid add on or a gifted policy so if you are in doubt it is always worth checking.

Union cover

If you are in a Union then you are likely to have a policy that will support your legal costs in a claim. Please provide us with your Union details and we can make the enquiries for you.

ATE – After the Event Cover

If you do not hold any pre-accident cover then we can explore an “After The Event” (ATE) policy of insurance.

We have close links to suppliers of this service and can explain the process further to you should it become necessary.

Please call our lawyers on Freephone 0800 088 4177 or contact us by e-mail or via the on line form should you wish to discuss matters further.

*There are exceptions to this, such as if you are found to have brought a fraudulent claim. Full particulars are within our Terms and Conditions which are provided to you at the outset of our instruction.


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