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Clinical negligence

Resolution Law has expert clinical and medical negligence solicitors headed up by Jennifer Gilbertson that deal with all types of clinical and medical negligence claims on a no win no fee basis.

Our no win no fee medical negligence claim service is 100% free to you - win or lose. We guarantee that you will get 100% of the compensation recovered from your claim.

If you have suffered from clinical or medical negligence, whether it happened in an NHS Hospital, a private clinic or GP Practice our solicitors can provide you with free initial expert legal advice about claiming compensation, and about providing for the future needs of the victim.

When you contact us a medical negligence lawyer can review your claim for compensation and it won’t cost you anything. It’s part of the professional and personal service that we provide.

Resolution Law is part of a top UK law firm that has over 2,000 employees throughout the UK.

We do understand the issues involved in complex medical negligence cases. We know that both the victim and their family suffer from stress, worry and anxiety. Our aim is to provide victims of medical mistakes with the best possible outcome for their individual circumstances, their wishes and their future.

If you have any questions or concerns about claiming, please call our no win no fee lawyers, you won’t be wasting our time and we’ll be happy to help you. Our lawyers handle many types of both clinical and medical negligence cases for people in England and Wales. 

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