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Our History

Resolution Law is the personal injury claims division of DWF Law LLP which is a global legal business with over 4,000 employees and a global turnover of circa £338m.

As a wider business, DWF has provided expert legal services to people and businesses for over 30 years, including claimant personal injury work throughout this time. We have the experience, expertise and resource to handle even the most complex accident and injury case.

Our claimant division was rebranded to Resolution Law in 2009 and is headed by Partner Tim Hoy, a Solicitor who has been with our business for over 18 years and is passionate about service, justice and ensuring that our clients recover all damages they are entitled to. 

When you instruct a lawyer at Resolution Law, we will provide you with free initial advice that’s easy to understand. We’ll discuss your prospects of success, the funding of your claim, timelines and as best we can at that early stage, advise you on the possible damages that you may  recover.

Where possible, we will look to ensure that there are no deductions from your damages and when circumstances are such that is not possible we will cap any deductions at 10%.